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Company focused on blockchain technology and data science, with the mission to unlock value from the wealth of data available in the new era of digital assets.
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Data Science for
Blockchain Leaders

We are a team of experts in big data, machine learning
and blockchain technologies

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Our Approach

We use cutting-edge techniques from across industry and
academia to generate a wealth of deep insights, across user
activity, blockchain interactions and market movements

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& Implementation

We build the end-to-end data analysis pipeline for
managing large and complex blockchain platform datasets

What We Do

Our speciality is in distilling large and complex data sources into tangible and valuable predictive insights. Across our range of clients and projects, we work closely with each team to understand their objectives and work out how data processing and advanced analytics can directly answer key questions within the business.

We work across the entire end-to-end pipeline for

data analysis and modelling:

Data pipeline and cloud infrastructure

Advanced modelling and machine learning

Big data management

Blockchain literacy


We believe in the power of blockchain data

We make use of large and complex digital asset datasets through creating powerful, accurate and predictive insights.

Through combining methods from Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we generate cutting edge insights about the world of blockchain, and make it accessible for all.

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Our Portfolio

We engage in a range of projects across the digital assets and blockchain space, applying analytical techniques such as deep learning, natural language processing and feature extraction


Advanced Crypto Analytics Dashboard



Top-tier cryptocurrency exchange collecting large amounts of data needed a strategy and suite of tools to use data effectively




Empower the business to make more informed, data-driven decisions through designing an automated end-to-end data management & analysis pipeline presenting insights back to decision makers




  • Overarching infrastructure for data ingestion, processing & augmentation
  • Data processing from internal and external sources, such as social media and the blockchain itself
  • Cloud-hosted dashboard
  • A suite of predictive AI models including automated social media analysis using Natural Language Processing, liquidity analysis for various cryptocurrency-fiat pairs and user segmentation and breakdown
  • Report export functionality to drive internal reporting tool




Our client was empowered to make data driven decisions and answer key business questions around target market and wider community sentiment, alongside optimisation of internal processes.

Crypto analytics


Algorithmic Trading Platform



Established financial institution new to the world of digital assets looking to deploy automated data-driven crypto trading strategy, with little in-house technical capacity




Create a trading solutions platform with algorithmic data strategy, alongside performance and actions tracking via dashboard for traders




  • An end-to-end platform that ingests real-time, large-scale data from various liquidity sources
  • Performs analytics according to the desired strategy
  • Posts & executes trades as appropriate




Our client went from manual analysis and execution of trading opportunities to fully automated AI-driven service which has significantly improved efficiency and expected returns on investment.

Algorithmic platform


Blockchain User Behavioural Analytics



Our client was a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange that wanted to harness the power of the public blockchain data to understand the wider context of user activity relating to transactional activity on their platform




Our objective was to build an analysis tool to ingest data directly from the Ethereum blockchain, identify entities that interacted with the platform and map their behaviour and interactions across the blockchain




  • A full mapping of user blockchain interactions
  • Designed suite of predictive models around customer retention and segmentation, alongside lifetime value analysis




A deeper understanding of the wider context of the platforms users, empowering the firm to engage in more targeted user interventions.

Blockchain analytics

About Us are a team of Data Scientists, Blockchain Developers and Academics




Founded in 2018 by two Data Scientists with over 15 years of combined experience, has since acquired a diverse client base in the crypto-financial and blockchain industries and grown into a strong technical team with an established network of advisors.


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